“As a former real estate broker myself, I appreciate working with great people who know their business and express their professionalism in a myriad of ways. I have purchased two lots now from Nevada Lands and Ranches, and both developments were well chosen by the firm for location and uniqueness. In other words, great properties at a great price, and in all respects, tons of integrity and professionalism was demonstrated during the entire process. From the owners to the agents, I have thoroughly enjoyed working with them and intend to do business with them again as often as possible.”
Ray Russo – Owner at both Joshua Tree Ranches (AZ) and Vista Ranches (NV).

“If you plan to purchase vacant land from a company with an excellent reputation for honesty and reliability, I strongly recommend Nevada Land and Ranches. My wife Ellen and I have purchased 3 lots in Arizona from Audrey Kennoch, the owner. She has a very able support staff that provides exceptional assistance to ensure that each transaction is processed in a transparent manner. I am now a real estate broker in Arizona and can see firsthand how effective everyone at the company does business.

Thanks for the opportunity to endorse Nevada Land and Ranches.”

Don McCann – Owner at Joshua Tree Ranches (AZ)